CP-PN011 Tankless Cold & Hot Water Purifier (With 4 years filter plan)

HKD 16,680

Purifier with 4-year Filter Plan (Including free delivery, installation and 4 years filter changing services)


4-Year Filter Plan Includes 30pcs Filters:

Sedi Carbon Composite Filter - 12pcs

Natural Plus Filter - 12pcs

Nano Positive Filter - 6pcs


Original Price of Filter for 4 Years Usage:  $9900

Now You SAVE $7020! 



Product Name

Tankless Cold & Hot Water Purifier

Model Number



Rose Gold, Silver, Silver Blue


Nano Positive Filtration System


Filter Replacement Period

Sedi Carbon Composite Filter

4 Months

Natural Plus Filter

4 Months

Nano Positive Filter

8 Months

Power Consumption

Cold water


Hot water



170mm (W) x 490mm(D) x 408mm(H)

Product Weight


Country of Origin


Stage 1 ~ 2 :  Removes rust, floating matters
Residual chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOC)
Stage 3 ~ 5 :  Eliminates residual chlorine and organic matters
Charcoal enhances water taste, anti-bacterial 

Contains minerals

Stage 6 : Removes fine particles, gerneral germs, some heavy metals, lead removal > 99% (SGS tested)
  1. Tankless Direct Filtration, no water stored in tank, thus ensuring clean water quality 
  2. Instant heating and cooling,
  1. 17cm ultra-slim design with touch-screen controls for easy operation
  2. 3 colours to choose from: Rose Gold, Silver and Silver Blue
  3. Adjustable hot water temperature (40℃, 50℃, 60℃, 70℃ & Max)
  4. Auto cup dispensing (One Cup / Half Cup / Non-Stop)
  5. Voice Guide (English, Mandarin and Malay)
  6. In&Out Auto Electrolytic Sterilization (Water line and faucet)

Combining the state-of-the-art filtering technology, stylish design and advanced features, the Korea-imported Cuckoo CP-PN011 Cold & Hot Water Purifier perfectly fits into your home and office. With just a tap on the touch panel to enjoy purified water with 99-99.9% lead being removed (SGS tested), the quality of your drinking water is always guaranteed.

Cuckoo’s patented In&Out Auto Electrolytic Sterilization helps the make you’re your loved ones drink only clean water. The patent technology automatically sterilize the bacteria from the internal water passage (In) and fine dust and bacteria from the faucet (Out).