TYENT H2 Alkaline & Hydrogen Hybrid Water Ionizer

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TYENT H2 Alkaline & Hydrogen Hybrid Water Ionizer is the world’s first ionizer to provide hydrogen water (richest molecular hydrogen at 1184ppb), alkaline water, neutral water and acid water all at your fingertips! Hydrogen-rich water has antioxidant effect and helps to reduce free radicals.

  1. Twin Cell Platinum and Titanium Alkaline/Hydrogen Electroylzer
  2. H2Jog Dial for hydrogen water
  3. 1 level of hydrogen water, 2 levels of acidic water, 3 levels of alkaline water and 1 level of neutral water
  4. TURBO boost: Strong Alkaline for dissolving pesticides from fruits and vegetables. Strong Acid can be used for disinfection
  5. Removes chlorine, odor, organic compounds and suspended particles such as rust, mud, sand and sediment from tap water
  6. Easy to use Touchscreen LCD
  7. Patented 360゜Water outlet tube to suit all types of container
  8. Automatic cleaning of electrolytic cell
  9. Filter Usage Indication on LCD screen and Replacement Time Guide

Dual 0.01 Micron Filtration System
(FDA and NSF certificated Carbon material manufactured in Japan)


1st Filter:

Membrane: Pre-filtration function to filter out various precipitates contained in raw water

Carbon Block: Activated carbon was made into a block form has a larger surface area than particle-type activated carbon. It has a very high adsorption rate. It works to filter residual chlorine, organic compounds and heavy metals by activated adsorption method

Calcium sulfite: Removes residual chlorine completely by oxidation-reduction reaction


2nd Filter:


Carbon Block

TM Ceramic: The ceramics were made by mixing the high-emissivity far-infrared minerals containing potassium (k), sodium (Na) and calcium (Ca) with TM and TM-X stock solutions. These multifunctional ceramics have antioxidant, antimicrobial and far infrared radiation

UF: Many fine pores on the filter surface remove contaminants from the water. It removes bad elements such as bacteria viruses and particulates, but does not remove substances that are beneficial to our body, such as minerals.



Product Name

H2 Alkaline & Hydrogen Hybrid Water Ionizer

Model Name

H2 Hybrid


Twin Cell 11 platinum-coated titanium solid-mesh/hybrid plates


Dual 0.01 Micron Filtration System

Filter Replacement Period

1st Filter

6-9 months

2nd Filter

6-9 months

Alkaline Water

1-3 levels (pH8- pH10)

Neutral Water

1 level (pH7-pH8)

 Hydrogen Water

1 level (pH7-pH8)

Acidic Water

1-2 levels (pH4.5- pH6.5)

Turbo Boost

Strong Alkaline: pH 10 or more
Strong Acid: pH 3 or below


300mm(W) x 135mm(D)x 350mm(H)


5.5 KG

Country of Origin